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Goethite With Antique Label

Restormel Royal Iron Mine | Lostwithiel | St. Austell | Cornwall | England


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7.6 x 6.2 x 3.9 cm
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Small Cabinet


This is a fine and old-time Goethtite specimen from England with well formed and mirror bright crystals lining two vugs in typically matrix. They are superbly terminated and almost pristine. The iron oxyhydroxide Goethite is often unglamorous, especially when a component of rust or bog iron ore! Yet diametrically opposite to this, specimens from the Restormel Royal Iron mine, close to Lostwithiel in Cornwall, can be mouth wateringly gorgeous. This is a truly superb example which would grace any collection of Cornish specimens. Famously the mine bore the less grandeur title of Restormel Iron mine up until the visit of Queen Victoria and Price Albert in September 1846, a visit which proved highly successful with both the miners and the Royal party alike. Definitely a superpiece in splendend condition for a very reasonable price I think.
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