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Lavrion Trip 2022

Posted: 9/9/2022 11:49:38 AM
  • After 4 years of absence we finally made it to the famous and old-time mining area of Lavrion in Greece with the Poseidon Temple of Cape Sounion, the symbol of the region
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    Our aircraft in Frankfurt is ready for boarding and take off

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    The statue of former mine operator Jean Baptiste Serpieri, one of Lavrions landmarks. Note: The species Serpierite is named after him and has its type locality at the Serpieri Mine in Kamariza

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    A warm reunion with our long-time and close friends of the Kapellas family sharing a great meal


    Wolli, Kostas and Karin

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    Typically Greek food with lamb chops


    local veggies, feta cheese and other dishes

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    Our first trip brought us to the world famous temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, which was destroyed by the Persians in 480 BC before being completed. The temple was rebuilt on the foundations of the previous one around 444 - 440 BC.


    Together with Pura Tanah Lot on Bali, this places features as you see, one of the most wonderful sunsets in the world.

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    The next place we went to, was the Mineralogical Museum of Lavrion,- always worth a visit

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    Karin with a mining cart in front of the museum


    Coincidentally we met Michalis G. Vitros (center, left of Wolli), one of the authors of the book "The Minerals of Lavrion"

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    Mixite - Hilarion Mine


    Superb Glaucocerininte from Serpieri Mine

  • image202209091334123658.jpg

    Azurite psm. native Copper from Christiana Mine No. 132


    Intense light blue and yellow Smithsonite from Serpieri Mine

  • image202209091336040394.jpg

    Large specimen of blue Aragonite


    Beautiful Wulfenite from Plaka

  • image202209091337542261.jpg

    Large plate of needle-shaped Gypsum


    Beautiful Serpierite from Serpieri Mine

  • image202209091339111096.jpg

    Another superb Serpierite from Serpieri Mine


    Fine Brochantite-Adamite combo from Christiana Mine

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    In immediate neighborhood of the museum you´ll find several ancient buildings of former mining activities.


    Like this one as well.

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    Smelting plant of Kordellas


    From another view

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    Next stop was the world famous "KM 3" which produced the finest Annabergite crystals in the world. This site was named by a marker stone of the old road from Lavrion up to Ag. Konstandinos. Here you see Karin atop the dump of the current location. More photos of the site follow.

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    The head frame of the Serpieri Shaft,- mining land mark of Kamariza (Aghios Konstandinos), our next stop.

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    Old mining railway tunnel from Kamariza, down to the harbour of Lavrion


    Karin and her mother in front the entrance of Hilarion mine

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    Wolli in front of the entrance of the Hilarion mine. In earlier days just a conveyor ramp now it is the main entrance for all mineral collectors due to the collapsing of almost all other exits of the Hilarion-Christiana area. NOTE: Entering of all mines in the Lavrion area is striktly prohibited

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    The "Paros" inclined mining gallery, 450 m long, was constructed by the French mining company at the beginning ot the 20th century and was functional until 1973. It was the main entrance of the miners into the Hilarion-Serpieri-Christiana area.

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    A closer view of "Paros" with Karin in front of the entrance

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    Now we show you some mining imprerssions along the road from Aghios Konstandinos down to Sounion with ghost villages, ancient over 2500 years old ore washing plants and more. We are starting with the big hole of Chaos, near Kmariza.

  • image202209091455045803.jpg
  • image202209091455439394.jpg

    This old cistern holds the water since more than 2500 years.

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    Ancient ore washing plant at the area of Aghios Triada.

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    The well known Exi Mine ( Mine No. 6 ) of Aghia Varvara ( Sta. Barbara ). This mine produced finest mineral specimen like wonderful Flos Ferries, Aurichalcites and Azurites.

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    What must not be missing is a visit of the Akropolis in Athens

  • image202209091505457785.jpg

    Wolli in front of the Parthenon


    The temple of Athena

  • image202209091508162350.jpg

    Karin and her mother in front of the Parthenon


    View over Athens from Akropolis

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    Our trip to the Lavrion Area is already over. Last and great dinner with our friends. Thank you to all of you.

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    Landing approach to Frankfurt - We are coming back


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