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How Does Wendel-Minerals Work?

  • We buy mineral collections
  • We buy Collections
    • Confidentiality
    • Integrity
    • Reliable handling of payments
  • Strict adherence to these basic principles has allowed us to acquire numerous national and international collections in the past.
  • Contact
  • Phone +49-7854-9898355
  • At Wendel-Minerals, you can purchase minerals with a high grad of quality. We review quality, and overall appeal.

    All specimens for sale on Wendel-Minerals are reviewed to ensure they have a good quality.

    We DO NOT sell glued minerals, synthetic minerals, mass-produced goods, cuted gemstones, jewelry, ...
    We also DO NOT sell Minerals without correct Mineral name and location, or bad analysed specimens.

  • Finding and Buying Items

    There are lots of ways to find the items you want:
    1. By mineral – Browse Wendel-Minerals’s extensive mineral list here.
    2. Keyword Search– Access the search field on the top right of any page.
    3. Related Files – Preselected mineral offers on every detailssite.
    4. Homepage – Randomly selected Mineralspecimens and other top offers.
    5. Featured Seller – Look through the portfolios of our top sellers.
    Need help buying? Read our Step by Step Guide in the FAQ´s
  • Support and FAQs

    You can learn all about Wendel-Minerals in our Help Center . We’ve helpful FAQs and tips for getting more out of Wendel-Minerals.
  • Site Support

    There is a lot of useful information the Help center.
    If you need any help or any answers that aren’t in the FAQ's, support is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, Central European Time, CET.
    Support tickets will be answered normally within three working days.
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