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Smithsonite Var. Cobaltian

Tsumeb Mine | Tsumeb | Otjikoto Region | Namibia


~ 1400.00 €
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7.8 x 5.8 x 3.2 cm
Size Description
Small Cabinet


Intense colour saturation and "sparkle" make this large and 3-dimensional piece leap out at the viewer. The mounded display face is completely covered with beautiful, gemmy Smithsonite rhombs that range to about 6 mm in diameter. The slightly curved rhombs are classic Tsumeb, with great luster, sharp edges and superb, rich pink colour. There are a few slightly bruised spots but just at the very edge of the periphery of the display face, but they are insignificant and doesn´t detract the overall aesthetics. Most Cobaltian Smithsonite has a waxy and not glassy luster but this, it sparkles like Smithsonite of such style really does, and the eye is drawn to the sparkle immediately. An impressive, very attractive Smithsonite. Imposing in a case, on display. This fine and colourful piece comes with a high quality lucite custom base for display.
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