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Potosí Mine | Francisco Portillo | Santa Eulalia Dist. | Chihuahua | Mexico


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6.4 x 4.2 x 4.2 cm
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Small Cabinet


This is a stunning piece, featuring a wide opened vug which is loaded with numerous intense red, partially doubly terminated crystals of Rhodochrosite from Potosí Mine of Sta. Eulalia, Chihuahua. This is a classic of Mexico, these old Rhodochrosites are seldom seen for sale, let alone in such relatively large and aesthetic specimens. This small cabinet piece has a good horizon, showing elongated scalenohedral crystals with excellent termination modifications, to almost 1 cm. This exceptional piece is absolutely perfect at the major crystals. Just at the very periphery there is small bruising, what doesn´t detract the overall aesthetics . For the size and rare locality, we can easily forgive this small imperfection on such a piece. A great Mexican Rhodo in splendend condition and comes with a high quality lucite custom base for display.
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