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Bigrigg Mine | Bigrigg | Egremont | Copeland | Cumbria | England


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7.7 x 4.1 x 3.8 cm
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Small Cabinet


A stunning and elegant Calcite specimen from the famous Bigrigg Mine near Egemont of Cumbria. This is a fine, old-time classic English Calcite in unusually excellent condition, and you can see why these jewels were so valued by the nobility of England and abroad in the 1800s for their textbook perfection and clarity. This excellent, elongate plate is richly covered with glassy, colourless, modified scalenohedral Calcite crystals to 3.0 cm and they are of super quality! The water-clear Calcite crystals project at many different angles, providing a dramatic, three-dimensional effect. The random orientation of the Calcites, along with their numerous crystal faces, results in any incident light providing a sparkle to the piece. This kind of stuff from Egremont, England is highly sought-after, and very difficult to obtain. These date to the mid to late 1800s, generally. Amazingly, this is essentially a pristine specimen. All of the major crystals are undamaged. This great piece comes with a high quality, fitting acrylic base.
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