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Sacarîmb | Nagyág | Deva | Alba Co. | Hunedora | Transylvania | Romania


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7.3 x 4.9 x 3.3 cm
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Small Cabinet


This is a superb specimen of rare lead-gold-tellurium-antimony sulfide Nagyagite and it lives up to its old German miner name "Blättertellur" ( leave-tellurium). It is from both sides richly perched with excellent bladed, slightly six-sided crystals. Usually it is an ugly matter for academic collectors only but this is a beautiful specimen with sexy, lustrous, large Nagyagite crystals untainted by etching from Calcite using acid (as is so often the case). The luster and metallic look is phenomenal and appealing, The contrast to pale pink Rhodochrosite and white Quartz makes the piece even better. This amazingly rich specimen of Nagyagite is quite simply one of the very best I have ever seen for sale by a long shot. Nagyagite is an extremely rare mineral and this is from the type locality, probably dating to the late 1800s. This piece is relatively large, beautiful, and displays a shocking 2,8 cm long ridge of flat but extremely sharp crystals. This is an outsanding specimen for highest demands.
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