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Sacarîmb | Nagyág | Deva | Alba Co. | Hunedora | Transylvania | Romania


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4.0 x 2.9 x 1.2 cm
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This is an unusually attractive miniature with very bright and excellent defined crystals of rare gold-telluride Calaverite. There are several excellent crystals and clusters with indicated hopper growth. This specimen is loaded with fantastic, sharp, highly splendent, tabular, striated, monoclinic crystals of this rare gold-telluride, which have a bronzy hue and are sitting against frosted grey Quartz crystal matrix. The largest Calaverite aggregate measures a full 8 mm in length which is great for the species and the locality. These specimens are very difficult to obtain, and considering that the majority of them were mined over 100 years ago, the only source for specimens is old collections The Sacarîmb Mine, former Nagyág Mine is a large open-pit mine in the west of Romania in Hunedoara County, 30 km north of Deva and 400 km north of the capital, Bucharest. Over the centuries this great locality produced some of the fines gold- and silver-tellurides in the world and is type locality for several species. This great specimen comes with the original label of Erberto Tealdo, Milano, Italy
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