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Hessite on Quartz

Botes | Zlatna | Alba | Transylvania | Romania


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6.6 x 5.1 x 3.4 cm
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Small Cabinet


This stunning Hessite piece is by far the best one we ever handled. Hessite is a VERY RARE silver telluride that occurs at its best, in monster crystals as you see here, only from this old classic locality. Specimens are extremely hard to obtain today and the few I have ever gotten tend to sell quickly. The area with good crystals (one elongated crystal up to 1,5 cm is really important and dramatic!) measures approximately 4,1 x 4,1 cm which is a rather large and impressive coverage. There is even some very microscopic Gold in attendance. The piece retains its original patina, uncleaned by any acids or chemicals to brighten the Hessite or to change the quartz from iron-stained orange to a contrasting white colour. I love the historic look of the piece. It is no means "dirty"...but it retains the look of an ancient specimen and is not "modernized" as too many are into a shiny silver crystal group on sparkling white quartz. This is a KILLER PIECE all the way and comes with a high quality lucite custom base for display.
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