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Kamoya South II Mine | Kambove | Katanga | Dem. Rep. of Congo


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5.7 x 5.0 x 4.1 cm
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This is an IMPRESSIVE, "monster-sized" Carrollite cluster with cuboctahedral crystals from the Kamoya South II Mine of Katanga in Democratic Republic of the Congo. These bright, silvery metallic mirror-like crystal faces showing fine striation and super sharp edges. There is additionally an interesting pattern combined with slight iridescent colours along some surfaces. Carrollite is now fairly common... although it has been seldomly found, there were a few big pockets found at this amazing location, though they were decades ago. This is from the pocket of the late 1990s and when these Carrollite specimens were first found they were instantly regarded as the best of species ever found. Some of the largest, sharpest, most impressive crystals of this rare Copper, Cobalt, Nickel sulfide came out of this find. This particular specimen with an almost pristine display face features a pair of sharp, well formed, lustrous, silvery colour cuboctahedra. Despite not absolutely perfect, definitely a nice large miniature size specimen for size and quality. These pieces seemed to have disappeared from the market rather quickly.
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