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Pyrite on Hematite

Rio Marina | Elba | Livorno Prov. | Tuscany | Italy

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9/11/2022 11:06:00 PM(CEST)UTC+2
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7.4 x 5.7 x 4.4 cm
Size Description
Small Cabinet
Article ID
7.4 x 5.7 x 4.4 cm
Size Description
Small Cabinet
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Zelanwynn107.00 €9/11/2022 11:01:08 PM
Scottydanger102.00 €9/11/2022 11:00:08 PMBidagent autobid
Zelanwynn97.00 €9/11/2022 10:58:51 PMBidagent autobid
Scottydanger92.00 €9/11/2022 10:24:12 PMBidagent autobid
Zelanwynn90.00 €9/11/2022 8:26:46 AMBidagent autobid
Zelanwynn87.00 €9/11/2022 8:26:46 AM
Moose_Mountain82.00 €9/11/2022 4:20:37 AMBidagent autobid
Zelanwynn80.00 €8/29/2022 7:05:08 PMBidagent autobid
Zelanwynn70.00 €8/29/2022 7:05:08 PMBidagent autobid
Scottydanger65.00 €9/7/2022 2:28:34 PM
Zelanwynn60.00 €8/29/2022 7:05:08 PM
Banks195455.00 €8/29/2022 11:56:39 AMBidagent autobid
Banks195450.00 €8/29/2022 11:56:22 AM
Zelanwynn50.00 €8/29/2022 5:07:57 AMBidagent autobid
Zelanwynn45.00 €8/29/2022 5:07:57 AMBidagent autobid
Banks195440.00 €8/29/2022 11:56:19 AM
Zelanwynn35.00 €8/29/2022 5:07:57 AMBidagent autobid
Banks195430.00 €8/29/2022 11:56:15 AM
Zelanwynn25.00 €8/29/2022 5:07:57 AMBidagent autobid
Banks195420.00 €8/29/2022 11:56:11 AM
Zelanwynn15.00 €8/29/2022 5:07:57 AM
Freddy2510.00 €8/28/2022 7:54:49 PMBidagent autobid


Actually the island of Elba is famous for its fine Tourmalines, but over the years it has also produced large, very impressive Pyrites associated with Hematite. These brassy, reflective Pyrites from this iron mine are highly desired, especially pieces with the combination of sparkling blades of Hematite such as this one. Here we have a distinct pyritohedron on the Hematite matrix which is measuring an incredible 5 cm on edge. The growth on the Hematite is interesting in that the undersides are almost skeletal as they grew on the silvery, dark gray Hematite blades. Iron mining on Elba was initiated in Etruscan times and then commercially in the 1900s. This specimen is from classic 1970s finds here, produced by the famous iron mines of this island. A super aesthetic specimen with great pattern on its faces and only minor bruising at the backside of the Pyrite where the rock was. Ex Dr. Schönfelder collection
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