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Anglesite GREEN

Montevecchio | Iglesias | Sardinia | Italy


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5.6 x 4.3 x 2.7 cm
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A single crystal of excellent developed, sharp and GREEN Anglesite from Montevecchio near Iglesias on Sardinia. This is a stunning rarity, especially if you consider the deep green colour and perfection of the major crystal which is snugly nestled in a vug of gossan matrix. I have heard of these but only seen very few before over the years. They are almost legendary, and hard to obtain, obviously. The major crystal is hard to measure but I estimate it about ~ 1cm. The deep green tint is probaly from copper, then this would be extremely rare Cuprian Anglesite. Either way, the unusual colour and super form make this an exceptional Anglesite in its own right. A bunch of green are on the backside and on the bottom. This is a killer piece all the way and comes with a superb antique label.
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