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Wulfenite Ex Dr. H.-J. Wilke Coll.

Red Cloud Mine | Silver District | La Paz Co. | Arizona | USA


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8.5 x 7.1 x 3.8 cm
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Small Cabinet


An extremely rich and highly aesthetic specimen of Wulfenite from the famous Red Cloud Mine in the Sonoran Deseret of southwestern Arizona. The tabular crystals reach 1.6 cm on edge, they are extremely sharp with the beveled edges as b-faces. The color is a highly saturated orange-red with extreme resinous to vitreous luster and excellent translucency. As far as I can tell, there are no significant imperfections on the specimen. An unbelievable blaze of color and breathtaking overall aesthetics characterize this top piece from the 1980s find. One can clearly understand why in the 1960s some (presumably successful) mineral collector scrawled “PbMoO4 [Wulfenite] is LOVE” on an old shed at the Red Cloud Mine. Peter Megaw once wrote “Wulfenite is as Arizonan as Saguaros, Gila Monsters and Snowbirds…and in 2017 was officially recognized by our Legislature as our Official State Mineral”.
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