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Mildigkeit Gottes Mine | Kongsberg | Buskerud | Norway


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8.1 x 2.9 x 2.6 cm
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Small Cabinet


A superb Silver specimen from the old and famous Mildigkeit Gottes Mine of Kongsberg in Norway. A piece like this shows exactly why Kongsberg is the supreme ruler when it comes to large, thick, so-called ropes of native Silver. This small cabinet sized specimen is the textbook example of a classic elegant Silver wire from Kongsberg. It is thick and ropey, with great curving character and superb coating with Acanthite, what gives the specimen it´s great metallic grey colour. One thick major wire is growing out of the jumble of wires and seems to sit enthroned on them. The base of the piece is accented with fragments of Calcite what is typical for the locality. A stunning piece with great aesthetics. The silver mines in Kongsberg were in operation from 1623 until 1958. At its peak, more than 4000 people worked in the mining industry in Kongsberg (1770) and they are now protected as historical sites, collecting inside the mines and outside on the dumps is illegal.
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