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Schlema | Erzgebirge | Saxony | Germany


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5.3 x 3.1 x 1.5 cm
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This fine medusa-shaped specimen features numerous curls and wires of native Silver from Sclema in Saxony. There is no further description of a mine, just Schlema as location. This excellent miniature is absolutely as elegant as you can possibly imagine from the pics. We have all seen many Schlema Silvers for sale over the years, but I think few match this one in its dramatic flair (and for a moderately affordable price). The typically wires taper intricately to their tips, all set firmly into solid matrix of thicker, ropey silver and grainy Silver ore as well. For the size I would say it is one of the better Schlema Silvers I have seen for sale because of the obvious aesthetic appeal, great patina, and elegance. It is actually not that sturdy one as we know from the stuff of Himmelsfürst, but it is anyway relatively robust. A top specimen for a super inexpensive price and consequently a good opportunity to purchase.
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