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Lily Mine | Humay District | Pisco Province | Ica | Peru


~ 3600.00 €
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9.1 x 5.9 x 3.5 cm
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Small Cabinet


Here we have a superb and classic specimen of Atacamite with excellently defined and sharp crystals, contrastful perched on glassy, pale green indistinctive Calcite scalenohedrons. The Atacamite crystals are very lustrous and showing a nicely saturated forest green colour. Despite the fact that not all crystals are perfect terminated, this is any case a KILLER PIECE with great overall aesthetics from this famous and old time locale. The Lily mine at Humay District of Pisco Province in the Ica region of Peru, is worked for its “blue Andean opal”, but in 1998 an unexpected and fabulous find of Atacamite was made. Atacamite is a well known and common copper chloride, but exceedingly rare and desired in such super aesthetic specimens with these LARGE, robust and well formed crystals. This is by the way a super opportunity to get hold off such a classic and highly aesthetic specimen,- and for a very reasonable price I think!!!
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