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Cyanotrichite & Cuprocopiapite

3. Level | Hilarion Mine | Hilarion-Christiana Area | Ag. Konstandinos | Lavrion | Attica | Greece


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5.3 x 4.6 x 2.6 cm
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I vividly remember the day when my wife Karin and I discovered this pocket. It was just a 10 cm in diameter measuring whole in the solid rock,- but in the rear area of the cleft we saw a large mustard-yellow stalked crystal. We brought our whole equipment with generator and large Hilti drill down to this place and worked our way through the ~ 1m thick rock. After almost ten days of hard work the pocket was opened but the crystal we saw, was only a yellow coloured Gypsum. Fortunately at a few places of the pocket we found the finest European Cyanotrichites ever. And this specimen is one of them. Of course not among the best of the find, but a good specimen with acicular light blue and also azure blue crystals of Cyanotrichite, perched on artichoke-shaped Calcite crystals, which are coated with mustard-yellow, analysed Cuprocopiapite and light mint coloured Spangolite. A few weeks later some guys checked out that there is a pocket and veritable caravans went to the discovery site. But they never got out a specimen of this specific quality and they rather distroyed the rest of the specimens. So this is superb and rare specimen is still hiytory due to the fact, that the yield included round about 3 dozens of good pieces, and most of them dispersed in worldwide collections.
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