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Kolwezite on Cobaltdolomite

Musonoi Mine | Kolwezi | Lualaba | Dem. Rep. of Congo

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2/27/2022 11:00:00 PM(CET)UTC+1
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7.5 x 5.5 x 3.7 cm
Size Description
Small Cabinet
Article ID
7.5 x 5.5 x 3.7 cm
Size Description
Small Cabinet
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Banks1954120.00 €2/27/2022 10:02:21 PM
Lucamatteo115.00 €2/27/2022 9:43:12 PMBidagent autobid
Lucamatteo110.00 €2/27/2022 9:42:56 PM
Banks1954110.00 €2/19/2022 6:23:43 PMBidagent autobid
Banks1954105.00 €2/19/2022 6:23:43 PMBidagent autobid
Lucamatteo100.00 €2/27/2022 9:42:36 PM
Banks195495.00 €2/19/2022 6:23:43 PMBidagent autobid
Lucamatteo90.00 €2/27/2022 9:42:20 PM
Banks195485.00 €2/19/2022 6:23:43 PMBidagent autobid
Lucamatteo80.00 €2/27/2022 9:36:47 PM
Banks195475.00 €2/19/2022 6:23:25 PM
6lEONARDO470.00 €2/15/2022 4:28:55 PMBidagent autobid
6lEONARDO433.00 €2/15/2022 4:28:55 PM
Aratai28.00 €2/14/2022 6:52:40 PMBidagent autobid
Aratai15.00 €2/14/2022 6:52:40 PM
thedutcher10.00 €2/13/2022 6:40:15 PMBidagent autobid


This is a rare and beautiful combination specimen from the Congo, featuring numerous olive coloured botryoids contrastful scattered over intense pink and glistening, crystallized Cobaltdolomite matrix. This is by far the most aesthetic, colourful and contrastful specimen of this combo we ever handled, despite we had way larger and richer ones. And this locality, the Musonoi Mine is the TYPE LOCALITY of this rare mineral. Actually you don´t find such rare species in larger specimens, because they are chopped up to make more profit. But in this specific case it would be a mineralogical sin to destroy such a fine and super aesthetical specimen. This piece comes from the old find of the 1990s. Nowadays almost impossible to come by.
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