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Vesuvianite Ex Erberto Tealdi coll.

San Vito | Ercolano | Monte Somma | Somma-Vesuvius Complex | Naples | Campania | Italy


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6.4 x 4.1 x 2.8 cm
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Small Cabinet


This super piece features well formed Vesuvianite crystals from Monte Somma near Naples in Italy. This famous locality provided the first identified Vesuvianite back in 1795. This specimen is an old one, too - formerly in the collection of Erberto Tealdi of Milano and was added to his collection in 1983!!! (comes with the original label) These gemmy, lustrous, root beer coloured crystals range up to over 1 cm, and specimens of this quality from this location are so rarely available. They are so bright they look more like garnets and are practically gems, rare for the species. The matrix is olive green and microcrystalline, probably almost all made up of Olivine? and Calcite. An excellent, important specimen with great aesthetics and exceedingly hard to obtain nowadays.
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