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Fluorite & Apatite

Akchatau | Shet | Karaganda Oblast | Kazakhstan


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6.4 x 4.5 x 2.6 cm
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Small Cabinet


This is an excellent representative example from this rare and desirable pocket of gemmy blue Apatite perched at the side of deep puple Fluorite octohedra, found perhaps 20 years or so ago (I still remember seeing them labeled as aquamarine at the time!). None have been found since, and they are quite rare on the market now. And despite there are just a few Apatites perched on the side of the specimen, this is a great piece with stunning aesthetics due to the quality of the Fluorites as well. The Fluorites here are super sharp and very lustrous with a fine pattern along the triangular faces. A truly magnificent piece with only minor imperfection.
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