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Pöhla | Schwarzenberg | Erzgebirge | Saxony | Germany

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4/24/2022 11:00:00 PM(CEST)UTC+2
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7.3 x 5.6 x 4.1 cm
Size Description
Small Cabinet
Article ID
7.3 x 5.6 x 4.1 cm
Size Description
Small Cabinet
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SA3853140.00 €4/24/2022 9:22:50 PM
SA3853135.00 €4/24/2022 9:22:47 PM
araxisme135.00 €4/24/2022 9:09:34 PMBidagent autobid
araxisme130.00 €4/24/2022 9:09:34 PMBidagent autobid
MischaSpin125.00 €4/24/2022 9:12:56 PM
araxisme110.00 €4/24/2022 9:09:34 PM
MischaSpin105.00 €4/24/2022 2:39:48 PMBidagent autobid
MischaSpin100.00 €4/24/2022 2:39:34 PM
SA3853100.00 €4/11/2022 12:51:50 AMBidagent autobid
SA385395.00 €4/11/2022 12:51:50 AMBidagent autobid
Michael90.00 €4/24/2022 12:30:56 PM
SA385385.00 €4/11/2022 12:51:50 AMBidagent autobid
Michael80.00 €4/24/2022 12:30:36 PM
SA385375.00 €4/11/2022 12:51:50 AMBidagent autobid
Michael70.00 €4/24/2022 12:30:11 PM
SA385365.00 €4/11/2022 12:51:50 AMBidagent autobid
Chagrin131360.00 €4/24/2022 5:59:29 AM
SA385355.00 €4/11/2022 12:51:50 AM
Icezapp50.00 €4/10/2022 8:23:01 PM
Mineral66650.00 €4/10/2022 5:14:12 PMBidagent autobid
Mineral66610.00 €4/10/2022 5:14:12 PM


Here you are bidding on a superb sample of well developed, sharp and lustrous Baryte crystals from Pöhla and despite the specimen has some imperfections it is anyway a stunning piece with great aesthetics. When one says the terms "golden Baryte" the collector can think of several localities, but these robust, sharp, chisel-shaped crystals from this old, important Silver mine have always been the historic standard to which others are compared. This superbly balanced small cabinet specimen features numerous crystals up to 3.9 cm long, all on a glassy Baryte matrix. The specimen displays 360 degrees, with the gemmy and lustrous crystals in very good condition. They were collected on and off over the Cold War years and stashed. After a brief flood to the western market when the Wall fell, they dried up. I had thought they were contemporary at the time, but this was mistaken. In fact, most are older production form the early to mid-1900s from this centuries-old mine. It is a tremendously aesthetic example of this old classic!
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