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Jarlite & Thomsenolite

Ivigtut | Arsuk Fjord | Sermersooq | Greenland

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5/8/2022 11:05:00 PM(CEST)UTC+2
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6.1 x 3.7 x 3.0 cm
Size Description
Small Cabinet
Article ID
6.1 x 3.7 x 3.0 cm
Size Description
Small Cabinet
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sandycay100.00 €5/8/2022 10:59:48 PM
sandycay95.00 €5/8/2022 10:59:41 PM
alberto231695.00 €5/8/2022 10:58:55 PMBidagent autobid
alberto231690.00 €5/8/2022 10:58:55 PM
sandycay85.00 €5/8/2022 10:52:25 PMBidagent autobid
alberto231680.00 €5/8/2022 6:44:26 PMBidagent autobid
polmin5475.00 €5/8/2022 10:48:48 PM
alberto231670.00 €5/8/2022 6:44:26 PMBidagent autobid
polmin5465.00 €5/8/2022 10:47:39 PM
alberto231655.00 €5/6/2022 2:00:03 PMBidagent autobid
mintiz50.00 €5/8/2022 7:40:03 AM
alberto231645.00 €5/6/2022 2:00:03 PMBidagent autobid
mintiz40.00 €5/8/2022 7:39:49 AM
alberto231635.00 €5/6/2022 2:00:03 PM
12sulcar7930.00 €5/2/2022 10:27:14 AMBidagent autobid
12sulcar7925.00 €5/2/2022 10:27:14 AMBidagent autobid
miksag20.00 €5/3/2022 3:11:58 PM
12sulcar7910.00 €5/2/2022 10:27:14 AM


Discrete and isolated Jarlite crystals are rare. This superb specimen is loaded with sharply terminated and tapering crystals, accompanied by less crystalline Thomsenolite on Cryolite matrix. There is another, for me unknown species as whitish, glassy lenticular-spheroidal clusters. For the half of the last century, Jarlite specimens from Greenland have been, and continue to be, the standard for the species. Jarlite is a rare hydrated sodium magnesium aluminum fluoride. Areas of the specimen are highlighted by iron oxide staining. The locality is long gone and underwater. They mined the deposit at Ivigtut below sea level, to recover the aluminum ores. This is a very showy and excellent piece. For both species, Ivigtut is the TYPE LOCALITY!!!
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